I. General information:
The Company Alfa Style is the owner of webshop. The address of company`s seat: ul.Kopanskiego 79/2, 71-050 Szczecin Poland,  Regon:320122712, NIP PL:852-229-53-81
Number of bank account: 50 10205558 1111154347100012
PKOBP Branch - Centre of Banking Warsaw pl. Bankowy 2

II. Shopping regulation:
1. Webshop keeps sale of products by means of Internet web.
2. Our services are addressed to economic subjects and individual Clients.
3. The order`s realisation is accepted when:
a) in case of orders, which are being paid when receiving a product, or payed by a draft, after our shop receives an e-mail from Client confirming an oder,
b) in case of orders paid by credit cards- in the moment of card authorization,
c) in case of furniture done on a special order and individual orders – after the payment confirmation of deposit is at the shop`s MebleNet.pl account.
4. Order will be realised only when the product is available in store or at the shop`s suppliers. When some of the products aren`t available, Client is informed about this. It is the Client who decides what will be the way of order`s (partial realization, lenghtening of wait time, cancellation of whole order).
5. After receiving the product, Client is obliged to confirm about it in 5 work days from date of dispatch, by email.
6. The orders not confirmed in term given in previons point will be cancelled.
7. All products offered in MebleNet.pl webshop are factory new, free of any physical and legal defects and have been introduced on polish market legally and included in producent`s warranty.
8. For promotional sale, the number of product is limited. Realization of orders follows according to sequence of certified effect order on these products, until the depletion of stockpiles included this form of sale.
9. We prepare invoices for every order. They are printed, when all products ordered by a Client are complete and ready to send.
10. Client can introduce changes in order, until the moment, the invoice is ready.
11. The order`s which verification will be impossible, will not be realised.
12. Company Alfa Style is not responsible for the measurements of accomodation, furniture and all products given wrong by a Client. In case of wrong measurement by Client, all legal and businesslike responsability bears the Client.
13. In case of furniture made on special or individual order, Client has to pay on company`s account deposit - 10-40% of order`s amount.

III. Extradition proceedings:
14. Delivery time depends on the form of delivery chosen by a Client. Probably it will take from 5 till 35 work days.
We would like You to remember that the delivery cost will be added to product`s price in your basket. Both amounts are in the final cost of order. It will be given in order form, which You will see on the screen, after filling the personal data, the manner of supply and payment form.
15. Ordered commodity will be sent on address, given in personal data form in "delivery address" column.
16. Courier companies and private carrier are responsible for commodity`s delivery.
17. Furniture are sent in package for independent, simple installment. On Client`s wish, furniture can be fold before transport, but then we add 50% of transport price and 15% price product to be fold.

Detailed transportation cost of order shop prices automatically after inserting interesting us assortment `add to card` - price-list

IV. For Clients from foreign countries:

18. Duties and boundary taxes:
Parcel, which is sent from Poland can be bound by import and tax charges, imposed by recipient`s country. All additional formalities bound up with picking the packet up from Custom Office, are in customer`s management. We have no control about the height of additional charges and we cannot foresee them - they depend from legislation of recipient`s country. If You need to get more detailed information as far as the duty and tax charges are concerned, we ask You to contact Your local Custom Office in Your country. .

V. Complaint procedure:
In case of folding of reclamation the customer is obliged to observance the complaint procedure.
19. In case when the package has been damaged, Client should at courier`s or driver`s presence write a damage protocole and refuse acceptance of commodity.
20. Description of damage must be supplied along with given situation when the damage is occuring.
21. The service has the right to demand from customer a purchase document, when the symbols on store`s document make ours servisants doubt.
22. In accordance with the law from 2nd March 2002. "About protection of some consument`s laws and responsability for damage made by a dangerous product", Client can resign from product bought in our webshop without giving a reason within 10 days from the date of receiving package.
Returned product, You should send with an invoice in which You have to fill "return" column [download].
23. Webshop is taking responsibilty, in case of commodity`s inconsistency with agreement according to Art. 10 of Law about particular conditions of consumer sales from 27th July 2002. In this case complaint`s commodity, along with the document defining incompatibility and expectations concerning the manner of our obligation realization, should be sent on Webshop MebleNet.pl address.

VI. Confidentiality and Cookie policy:
24. All payment operations take place in realtime (online), what means, that the card`s holder can outright receive answer, if payment is realised.

  • Service can set the browser so. biscuit (cookie) identifiable (sessions, statistics). You may at any time resign from the use of cookies by configuring their browser.
  • Our webshop uses the most advanced technologies used to secure data (personal and concerning the credit cards), which are used in Internet.
  • Webshop MebleNet.pl doesn`t have a look in number of credit card given by a Client. Company doesn`t keep information about credit cards. Payment takes place on servers using the highest class preventions.

25. We inform, that Your personal data are kept in database of our Company Alfa Style ul. Kopanskiego 79/2, 71-050 Szczecin. This data will be used only for realization of order needs and in marketing aims exclusively by Company Alfa Style.

VII. The final resolutions:
26. The webshop`s owner will do his best, to make products and price offer on shop websides always current. And make offered products accessible in constant sale (with limitation of seasonal sales).
27. In cases no regulated by this regulation we use suitably rules of civil code.
28. The contents of webshop MebleNet.pl does not constitue commercial offer in civil code`s art. 543 understanding.


How to move at the shop?
After entering webshop, You will be on "Welcome" page, where we present chosen titles from all shop`s MebleNet.pl departments. If You want to pass to certain department, just press the suitable button.

You can write any word, (at least two signs) or words, connected with position You are looking for. If You use choosing band in searcher box, You can precise, where system has to find written words, or look for them everywhere, no matter in which part of description they were.
After using the button "search", system will search descriptions of every single product from our offer in department, which You have chosen. Then it will screen titles, equivalent for Your criterions.

Client`s registration
You can register just after "entering" the shop, before the beginning of shopping (on webside press "my account"). Then You will receive Your own basket and personal account, on which we will keep information about Your shopping. It will be possible if You give Your name, surname, email address and password chosen by You. You can also present Yourself later, after choosing interested products and making a decision to buy them, but if the transmission stops, You will loose all information about chosen products.

How to buy?
If You find an interesting position, You can put it into the basket, so You could order it within the nearest order. You add product to a basket by pressing a button BUY! If You want to look at Your product exactly, press its title or its image and You will go on a side with more information concerning it. Shorten information about contents of Your basket- the number of products You`ve chosen, and about last things You`ve put into the basket is screened all the time overhead on each side. From each place in the shop You can enter Your basket, by pressing the link "basket" overhead the side and check its contents. Entering the shop it`s worth registering Yourself- if You don`t decide to buy anything this time and You register Yourself, You will have in our database Your account. Even with Your next visit, You`ll get access to the basket, in which You`ll find the products chosen by You previous time. If You aren`t registered, You will loose these information, by disconnecting.

How to finalize the shopping?
If You want to order chosen products, enter the basket, by using link "basket" overhead the side - You could see its contents then, eventually bring some changes into it. Then press "order" button. You`ll pass on sides, where we ask You to give: Your address, at which the parcel should be delivered, and the address of ordering person (thay can differ) and choice of delivery manner.

When You finish filling the personal data, press "next" button. You will see a side presenting contents of Your order. It`s the last moment, when You can introduce any changes in it. Next You will pass on side, on which You have to determinate the manner of payment - by choosing one of options.

I would like to pay for ordered products by a draft, I ask You to give me Your account number on which I have to pay money.
The information concerning account number is sent at the moment, when ordered commodity is ready to send. Parcel will be send as soon as the money is on our account.

I would like to receive an invoice on products which I have bought, is it possible?
We send invoices on every, sold product. While ordering and giving recipient`s data, You should mark "company" option and write Your tax identification number.

I would like to change data on invoice, which I have received and the data is wrong. What do I have to do to receive new, correct invoice?
In this situation we ask You to put up a correct note to the invoice. The example of this note we can send You at your email address of fax.

Are the prices given on webside actual and final?
Information on websides MebleNet.pl shop are fored everyday. So all prices shown at our webside are actual and final. We`re trying to propose on our webside the cheapest products we can, so that anyone couldn`t find any cheaper and more competitive offer.

What is the time of order realization?
Time of receiving parcel = realization`s time + delivery`s time
Receiving time depends on carrier chosen by You. It takes averagely from 5 till 35 workdays.
Attention! Realization`s and delivery`s time do not include Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

Can I check the contents of parcel before I pay to courrier?
Parcels are delivered by an independent courrier company and courriers have the right to refuse possibility of opening parcel before paying. Their duty is exclusively delivering parcel in intact conditions from sender to recipient. But You can at courrier`s presence open the parcel, after paying the amount and signing the receipt of receiving parcel. In case of finding any damages, the courrier prepares a protocole of divergence which is the base of later complaint. It has never been that a Client has received another product than he ordered.

Parcel`s security
We guarantee 100% delivery`s security of ordered products. Every product sent by us is insured on its full value. If, because of damaging or not original pack of parcel delivered, You doubt about its contents - refuse to take it. Inform us about it and we will immediately send You the second parcel with the same contents.
How should we behave when we receive a damaged parcel?
All parcels in our store are packed and checked by 2 persons who control each other. Then parcel is being sticked by company`s tape and it`s the plug of parcel. If you receive a parcel with significant damage of tape (plug) and the package was spoiled, what would indicate that somebody has intervened into the contents, please refuse the reception of the parcel. We would like You to inform us about this. The next parcel will be sent as soon as possible. But there weren`t such situations with damaged or incomlete parcels.

How do I know when I will receive parcel?
The information about sending parcel from our store will be sent to You by email.

I would like a confirmation from you, that you guarantee the possibility of returning the parcel when it is damaged or incomplete.
If, after receiving the parcel, You would see that product has factory defects, or is damaged, then immediately after reporting this fact to us, we will take it back and will deliver a new one.
If the product doesn`t fulfill Your expectations in accordance with law from 2nd March 2002, about the protection of consument`s rights, You can resign within lOdays from the date of receiving parcel. It is possible only when the product wasn`t used, the software wasn`t copied and the product wasn`t damaged in any way. In this case You should send back the implement to us and we will return its value on an account given by You.

I haven`t received a producent`s warranty card, I have got only card given by webshop MebleNet.pl, where do I have to send back damaged product?
If certain product didn`t have the producent`s warranty card, then with the commodity we give warranty card of service MebleNet.pl. In this case the damaged product should be delivered to our company`s address.
You can do it on Your own, or by means of any courrier`s company. The damaged product will be sent on your cost and the repaired on our.

I can`t see some objects on shop`s webside
The webside needs to install FlashPlayer. You can get on this link to install it here

Wszelkie znaki towarowe i nazwy firm zostały użyte jedynie w celu informacyjnym. Zawartość MebleNet.pl stanowi zaproszenie do składania ofert. Sklepy internetowe. cStore